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    1. Ghanaians believe that every president of the country must have a “John” in his names.
    2. In Ghana, “The government” means “The President”
    3. In Ghana every problem must be solved by the government (the President)
    4. In Ghana, every beverage is called tea.
    5. In Ghana, anyone who falls when prayed over is a witch/wizard
    6. In Ghana every detergent is called “Omo” no matter the brand
    7. To most Ghanaians, every white man is rich.
    8. To most Ghanaians, every Rastafarian is a weed smoker.
    9. To most Ghanaians, every politician is corrupt.
    10. In Ghana, children are not allowed to use calculators for their mathematical computations but grown-ups use.
    11. Most Ghanaians use questions to answer questions.
    12. Ghanaians also see some questions as insults. Example, “are you stupid?”
    13. To most Ghanaians ladies who easily agree to a love proposal are “cheap”.
    14. Ghanaians believe that God is a Saturday born and hence sometimes call him “Kwame” mostly by the Akans.
    15. Ghanaians abhor children dedicating themselves to soccer playing than being serious in academics but they adore soccer stars even sometimes more than academicians.
    16. Every Ghanaian soccer spectator is a coach as well.
    17. Ghanaians have their own time called Ghana time.
    18. Most Ghanaians prefer giving birth to boys to giving birth to girls.
    19. Most Ghanaian students believe in “chew”, “pour”, “pass”, and if possible, “forget”.
    20. Most Ghanaian students do not like mathematics.
    21. In Ghana, if one says something has “balanced” then by applying the true meaning of “balance”, the thing has not balanced rather. Example, ‘the car has balanced’ means the car is rather not balanced; it is tilted to a side and can fall.
    22. Most Ghanaians rather spend huge sums of money on funerals than should be than on hospital bills.
    23. A Ghanaian who becomes successful begins to know all relatives not by looking for them; they come to look for him/her.
    24. Ghanaians do not use rice cookers for cooking only rice.
    25. Every Ghanaian is a potential “manager” (manager for both sexes).
    26. In Ghana, a man who cheats on his wife/fiancée is a player.
    27. In Ghana, every toothpaste is called “Pepsodent” no matter the brand.
    28. The favorite food of most Akans in Ghana is “fufu” and that of the Ewes is “akpele”
    29. Ghanaians cherish greetings.
    30. Ghanaians are peace-loving people.
    31. Most Ghanaians say ‘I am fine’ to the question ‘how are you’ even if they are not fine.
    32. In Ghana every cooking oil is called “Frytol”
    33. In Ghana every gentleman is “Charlie”.
    34. Every noddle is called “Indomie”