About me


    1. I am Bagiliko John also known as ‘Tee’ by my colleagues.
    2. I am in my twenties (age).
    3. I was born in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana.
    4. I speak Dagaare, Twi and English. I understand Dagbani a bit but I can’t speak it.
    5. I did part of my basic schooling at Kintampo and continued at Techiman, where I completed Junior High School (Techiman St. Francis R/C J.H.S) in the same Region.
    6. I completed Junior High School in 2008.
    7. I did my secondary education at St. Charles Minor Seminary / Senior High School where I offered General Science. I completed in 2012.
    8. Currently, I am a Level 200 student of The University for Development Studies, offering BSc. Pure Mathematics.
    9. I am smallish in terms of stature but I do big things.
    10. I see myself big and I believe people also see me so, by my acts.
    11. People say I walk like a lady and I think it’s true.
    12. I hate the fact that I walk like a lady but I don’t hate myself for that. Nonetheless, I have the feeling that ladies like that walk of mine, having been told by some.
    13. I hate guys who walk like ladies except myself.
    14. I have a space between my front teeth but it has never been any problem to me at all. I have the feeling that it’s nice.
    15. Sometimes, people say I am the quiet type but I see myself as a talkative person.
    16. Sometimes I find it difficult approaching ladies; but when I manage my way out, we become friends forever. Some confess that they were secret admirers of mine.
    17. I used to shy speaking in front of the crowd but now, I can say I am a good speaker even though I always have to prepare what to say.
    18. I believe I am good at being interviewed
    19. I always have it that no matter what, I would be great one day.
    20. I like dressing decently; I always feel that the whole world is watching me.
    21. People say I look like a Voltarian (people from Volta Region of Ghana). I have been wondering if they have a particular look.
    22. I love writing articles.
    23. I have written an eBook titled “Easy Ways for Performing Arithmetic Computations” which has been published on amazon.com
    24. Whenever I explain something to my colleagues, they always say I am a good teacher.
    25. I respect a lot so some people take it that I rather feel shy of them.
    26. I am a trumpeter even though I’ve not been active in its playing nowadays.
    27. Anything I find myself doing, I make sure I become one of the best in it.
    28. Sometimes, I take loans but I have seen that it is not helpful; it sometimes throws one into slavery.
    29. I am a Christian and I believe in God alone but I find it difficult to pray, read my bible and so on. In short, I have the feeling that I am spiritually weak. This is not to say I don’t pray, read bible etc.
    30. I have a very dark hair; people sometimes think I dye them. My hair is like rubber which some ladies sometimes jealous at.
    31. I feel comfortable in Afro haircut.
    32. I don’t believe in unemployment. This is not to say that there is no unemployment; it is just that I have never seen myself being unemployed one day and I believe I will never be.
    33. I cannot play soccer and that explains why I hate soccer.
    34. I do not like physics exams but I have the feeling that I have a good knowledge in physics
    35. I am currently a social media addict.
    36. Some people say I am sometimes funny.
    37. I own a blog titled Mathematics / Business
    38. I am very time-conscious
    39. I hate the habit of people promising and failing. One had better not promised at all than promise and fail.
    40. I hate the habit of procrastination on people

  2. 41. I sometimes like arguing to the point of sometimes being alone on a side, arguing with a group if only I believe what I argue for or against is the right and not the wrong.
    42. I believe that thousand wrongs can never make a right.
    43. I like the name Nairobi and sometimes, Amsterdam.
    44. I like reading novels with East African setting.
    45. I am not able to easily withstand hunger so I think I eat a lot.
    46. I hate people looking at me while I approach them or while I move away from them.
    47. I hate the habit of people boasting about things their parents have.
    48. I hate the habit of people calling my first name two times (John, John).
    49. I can easily be discomforted by being teased at even by a very close friend of mine.
    50. I have ever stayed in a village so I have experienced village life.
    51. I have taught mathematics for one year at St. Benedict School Complex (form 1 – 3) in 2012/13 at Kintampo. That triggered my love for maths.
    52. I hardly talk about myself; I write it. Having read these, you know Bagiliko John (Tee).